TelePro Group offers three complementary services that can fulfill one particular need, or several related needs simultaneously.



Sales and Marketing

Our telesales professionals initiate new
business development from your offices-
for one day or throughout the year.



Outbound Calling

Our in-house team of B2B callers will
target your market, qualify leads and
develop new business.



Sales Professionals

Our recruitment team is your go-to
source for the entry-level trainee or
the senior-level professional.

Temporary staffing of B2B, inside sales professionals.

TelePro Temps offers a flexible, cost-effective marketing and sales resource.

An extension of your inside sales and marketing team.

TelePro Temps will project your brand, reflect your company’s image, and promote new business development directly from the sales and marketing center of your organization.

  • TelePro Temps employees are assigned to work from your offices, representing your organization’s brand and position in the market as a true extension of your sales team.
  • TelePro callers are ambassadors of your company’s tone and image. With few exceptions, telemarketing firms, call centers, and third party vendors simply cannot duplicate onsite representation.
  • TelePro representatives are not script readers. Our people are proactive, B2B communicators with a business sensibility that represents your organization and supports your business development team at its best.
  • TelePro associates are self-starters, adaptable to a variety of B2B environments. Brief them on your business, your market, and your objectives, and let the calling begin!
  • TelePro employees are assigned to take your direction. TelePro callers are focused on maintaining proactive, outbound contact with your market.
  • TelePro can share its knowledge base with your organization. The management and associates at TelePro can advise on best practices and share valuable insights, methods, and benchmark data gained over many years working in a variety of B2B calling environments.

TelePro Temps is a stakeholder in the delivery of client satisfaction. The TelePro organization welcomes the opportunity to consult with clients to manage expectations and ensure the best possible outcome delivered from any calling campaign.

Your “go-to resource” for sales and marketing support.

Since 2003, we’ve been supporting all manner of B2B sales and marketing campaigns for a wide spectrum of industry and organization types on an as-needed basis.

TelePro Temps offers three key vendor benefits that provide the operational flexibility you need:

  • open-ended service agreements.
  • no restrictive contract or exclusivity requirements.
  • the option to hire any assigned TelePro employee as your own.

TelePro can support any outbound calling application within the B2B sales, marketing and market research environments.

Sales Development and Marketing Operations

For general sales, marketing and business development support, TelePro will make the outbound calls to:

  • scout new markets and identify targets
  • capture key data and qualify leads
  • convert warm leads to “hot prospect” status
  • scrub and vet your database; enhance and build new lists
  • reactivate dormant accounts and revive past interest
  • maintain market contact; build and sustain your pipeline
  • sell event attendance, sponsorships and webinars
  • recruit new members, renew lapsing memberships, reinstate past members
  • survey and interview end-users, influencers and decision-makers
  • schedule phone consultations, discovery calls/demos and sales meetings
  • upsell and cross-sell current and new customers
  • deliver timely “action items” to your sales team
  • ask for the order and close the sale

TelePro Temps will focus on the front-end calling so your sales team can focus on meeting with prospects, closing more sales and growing your business.

Association Membership Sales & Event Marketing

We support a variety of regional and national trade associations.

We understand the dynamics of membership renewal cycles, early bird deadlines, and that last-minute push to populate association events.

As a vendor-supplier partner of the Association Forum, we understand the challenges of recruiting new members, marketing events, and selling programs directly to members and non-members alike.

TelePro Temps will make the outbound calls to:

  • recruit new membership
  • renew and retain existing membership
  • reinstate lapsed membership
  • promote weekly and monthly events
  • market continuing education programs
  • secure registration for webinars & webcasts
  • increase attendance at conferences, workshops and seminars
  • sell exhibits and sponsorship for the 2020 Annual Meeting
  • introduce association brands and proprietary products
  • sell publications, knowledge base, and subscription resources

We focus on making the outbound calls so your management team can better focus on program development, engagement strategies and new membership marketing initiatives.

Market Research & Data Collection

We support research projects and data collection campaigns for clients across a wide spectrum of professional service firms and market research organizations.

Marketing consultants, research managers, focus group centers, ad agencies, PR firms and in-house marketing departments retain our services during peak periods, staffing shortages and special campaigns.

TelePro Temps can support your project from start to finish, or provide a last-minute push to meet your deadline. Our professional interviewers and recruiters can support your qualitative and quantitative research projects:

  • In-depth Interviews and telephone surveys (CATI and non-CATI). We conduct business-to-business IDIs and consumer surveys that target the corporate C-Suite, end-users/influencers and purchasing decision-makers, as well as the online and retail point-of-purchase demographic.
  • Scheduling. We make the outreach calls to schedule executive interviews, face-to-face meetings and research panel participation.
  • Focus Group Recruiting. We screen and recruit focus group participants from the consumer sector, the healthcare profession and the corporate management suite.
  • Competitive Intelligence. We make the primary research calls to obtain the critical data needed for competitive assessments, strategic analysis and client advisory.

We focus on supporting the front-end data collection and tele-recruitment so you can focus on the delivery of research, data analysis and actionable intelligence.

We also understand the dynamics of a day-to-day, client-driven research environment, so please don’t hesitate to call us today—even if you needed our support yesterday.

Database Management

TelePro Temps will make the calls to cleanse, refine, and expand your database as a regular part of your marketing operations.

Using a poorly maintained database and dormant contact lists for any marketing campaign will only result in great quantities of wrong numbers called, undeliverable emails and stacks of returned mailers, not to mention the waste of time and money.

TelePro Temps will make the calls and conduct the research to:

  • scrub and update databases
  • maintain and refine contact lists
  • build and map out account profiles
  • cross-reference and verify third party contact data
  • augment target organization profiles with multiple decision-makers
  • prepare lists for direct-mail, email and follow-up calling campaigns
  • confirm data integrity within segments and sub-groups
  • glean new data from competing sales channels and non-digital sources
  • enhance target profiles with qualitative data and insights
  • pin-point key players and filter out non-essential contacts
  • organize data for migration to a marketing automation platform or CRM system

TelePro Temps will support this critical need for database hygiene and data enhancement efficiently and cost-effectively.

TelePro Offsite Support

For clients unable to accommodate temporary staff, or for those preferring a more structured and managed
approach to their B2B calling campaign, our TelePro Managed Services option can also provide
seamless representation offsite under the direction of TelePro management.

Complementing the benefits offered by TelePro Temps, we offer the same temporary support service to serve as
a flexible, cost-effective resource whenever it’s needed, for as long as needed.

Managed Service as a Temporary Staffing Option.

TelePro Managed is our in-house staffing option fully managed by TelePro.

TelePro Managed Services is our marketing and sales development resource for structuring and fully managing B2B, outbound calling campaigns from our Chicago offices.

  • TelePro Managed complements the temporary service benefits of TelePro Temps by supporting the same outbound calling applications delivered under the temporary services model.
  • TelePro Managed offers a flexible, cost-effective option for clients that need their B2B calling campaigns completed offsite—from start to finish.
  • TelePro Managed provides an additional level of service that includes the facilities, campaign development, and full project management of an offsite calling campaign.


Since launching TelePro Managed in 2012, an increasing number of clients have also benefited from using both our onsite (Temps) and offsite (Managed) services, as timing and circumstance determine their needs.

Most TelePro Managed clients are B2B organizations that lack the facilities and/or internal resources to accommodate temporary staff, or are located beyond the effective geographic reach of our Chicago area staffing services.

Prior to engaging our services, a significant number of TelePro clients had done little or nothing in the way of maintaining consistent, outbound calling and pipeline-building activities as a basic sales and marketing operation. However, with our support, many clients have recognized the need to integrate a consistent level of focused, outbound calling into their daily business operations.

For all our TelePro clients, we help structure improvements to their current outbound calling operations and B2B telemarketing programs.


Getting started, we offer to conduct a short-term, pilot calling campaign that generates basic performance metrics
and productivity benchmarks that will not only help manage delivery expectations, but will provide a more
informed view of your short and long-term ROI. (You can also expect delivery of some hot new prospects and
fruitful sales opportunities during the pilot campaign.)

When structuring your calling campaign, we maintain a seamless representation of your organization while keeping
an open line of communication with your team.

If desired, we integrate your voice mail system and email domain in our multi-touch contact approach to ensure a
tight channel of communication with your target market. And our callers representing you are available to confer
with you directly, as they are literally a phone call away.

TelePro Managed will show you how a successful, outbound calling campaign can be structured to align with
your evolving needs. Let TelePro Managed play a key role in implementing an adaptable, outbound calling model
that supports your B2B sales organization and grows your market share.

Your go-to source for the entry-level trainee or the senior-level professional.

Need to hire an Inside Sales Representative?

Direct Hire Recruitment

TelePro Source is your local and national recruitment source for the placement of inside sales professionals within the sales organization. We recruit for clients in our Chicago and Tri-State region, as well as within all fifty states.

With over 15 years of recruiting and employing inside sales professionals, we’ve gained unique insights into what makes an ideal candidate. We understand the hiring dynamic of organizations that benefit from the critical role that inside sales contributes toward their bottom line.

Moreover, we recognize the unique characteristics of the inside sales professional, from the raw talent of
the sales rookie to the proven performance of the seasoned sales professional.

TelePro Source will partner with your sales and HR teams to recruit and successfully place the inside sales professionals who align with your organization’s unique hiring needs.

We offer our candidates and clients the responsive service, personal attention and strict confidentiality
they deserve while upholding the highest ethical standards in the recruiting profession.

Temporary-to-hire Placement

TelePro Source also recruits candidates as temporary-to-hire placements employed by TelePro.
Under the temp-hire approach, the TelePro recruit’s goal is to prove their performance and long-term value
that would impress you enough to convert them to your next star employee with a job offer.

TelePro Source has been placing inside sales representatives on a temp-hire basis since 2003.

We are long-time advocates of a structured, temp-hire approach that benefits both the client and
the TelePro employee. A temp-hire engagement provides a critical timeframe for assessing key
performance indicators.

An increasing number of TelePro clients have chosen the temporary-to-hire option for building
their inside sales teams.

Temp-hire provides an added level of screening and confidence to ensure the recruit is the best
possible match for your sales team, as well as a best possible fit within your company and its culture.

Sales drive assessments and sales personality screening can help ensure a good fit. However, the
temporary-to-hire placement strategy continues to evolve as a key best practice that no amount of
testing can fully match.

  • Temporary-to-hire provides the quality time needed for a situational, first-hand assessment
    of an employee’s sales talent, organizational fit and long-term potential.
  • Temp-hire candidates can best prove their value when working within the unique exigencies
    of the hiring organization.
  • Temp-hire is a prudent, time-tested approach that reduces the risk of a bad hire and better
    ensures that you’ve integrated a proven performer and a long-term, organizational fit.

Given our focus, and the scope of our daily recruiting operations, there’s a good chance we’ve
already interviewed and screened the inside sales professionals you need—from the entry-level
sales trainee
to the senior-level professional.

Call us to discuss how TelePro Source can make a positive impact on your company’s hiring costs, sales growth and your bottom line.

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